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Kristina London: Founder of For Women Who Rock

Introduce yourself to us! What do you do in the industry? Where are you from? 
 I'm 22 years old, based in Washington D.C. and primarily work in marketing and social media in the music industry! I created For Women Who Rock this year as a little side project focusing primarily on statistics and positive encouragement. 

How did you get your start in the industry, and how long have you been in the industry? 

I've taken up different instruments since I was 4 years old and performed in several bands and even a house band but eventually realized that I loved the planning and behind the scenes work more than performing. I did street teams when I was in high school and did marketing & merch for a couple bands at local gigs when I was in my late teens. 

When did you know being in the business is what you wanted to do? Was there a specific moment where you were like “oh god, this is what I want to do for the rest of my life”?

I've always wanted to work in music but I'm still figuring out exactly what I love. I've been dabbling in marketing, public relations, artist management, talent buying, etc.

Can you tell us more about For Women Who Rock?

For Women For Rock started as a side project of mine that grew into something much larger! After working in the music industry for a few years I was getting fed up with the blatant gender divide and how female voices are often overpowered. I discovered many mind blowing statistics that I thought the world should see to really understand how bad this problem is. In May of 2019, I started creating colorful but informative graphics in an effort to remain positive but still get the overall message across. Just after a few posts the followers increased tremendously and more and more women wanted to learn more and see how they could help! We had organizations reach out to us and formed fun partnerships and giveaways to treat our followers but also provide educational opportunities. Ultimately, my vision for this project is pretty up in the air but I'd love to discover more stats, hire a photographer, and hopefully work with some artists to spread the message even more! We've been in talks with several artists who are very eager to work with us!

What does a typical day look like for you? 

My day-to-day responsibilities usually involve me viewing the limited, but very eye-opening research, creating new graphics, and working on our new website that should be up and running very soon!

Is there anything you struggled with (or even still do struggle with) being in the industry? 

As many other women, it's hard to be taken serious as a woman in a man's business world. My ideas are often overlooked when I say them but used when a man says them and there can be a big "bro-mentality" that definitely blocks me out of any conversation. 

Is there someone who you consider as your mentor in the industry?

While he's not necessarily a mentor, my dad gives the BEST advice about anything work related.

What advice do you have for women who want to get their start in the music industry?

Start early and take risks. 

Have you ever been turned down or not taken seriously because you were a female in the industry? What did you do when put into that position?

YES! In my case, I just keep doing my thing and doing what I believe is right and 10/10 it turns out to be the right move.

What are some of your other hobbies? What do you do in your free time (which we know can be very hard to find)?

I play piano, bass, ukulele and drums but you can also find me hiking, taking my pup on adventures, and I've recently taken up calligraphy.

Who is your all-time favorite artist?

The Strokes

What is something you can't live without?

My dog, Sadie!

Go-to Karaoke song?

Somebody to Love by Queen 

Tea or Coffee?

Coffee, though I wish I was a tea person

Celeb crush?

Leonardo DiCaprio

First concert you went to?

Jonas Brothers & Hannah Montana in 2008

What’s something that you always have on you?

My phone

Who is your dream artist or band to tour/work with? 

Julia Michaels  

What do you hope to see done in the industry within the next few years?

I hope to see a lot more barriers broken down and increased equality.

What are you most proud of?

How many powerful women there are feeling the same way I am!

Lastly, what saying do you live by?

No rain, no flowers.



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